Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Our home!

Here are a few before and after pics of our new home. The after pics now are a lot more done than these after pics, but at least it's an idea :) My wonderful parents have been AMAZING through this entire process. I cant thank them enough for EVERYTHING THAT THEY HAVE DONE FOR US!!!!!!!!!!!!

living room


living room (other side)

Entry :)

A New Year, New Beginnings.

Well it has been well over a year since I last wrote on this blog. I dont like new year resolutions but have decided to make a conscious effort at changing a few things in my life this year. The first will be to blog/write more. I use to LOVE writing everything that came to my mind and over the past few years I have lost interest in writing for some reason. It's a great way to vent, i think. So i am hoping this "resolution" will help me de-stressify my life :)

Kenan and i just had our second Christmas being married. I am so in love with him and love growing closer and closer to him every day. I LOVE my little home. It has been a HUGE process but i am so very happy with the outcome of it!!!!! I'll post a few pics later of the before&afters. About a month ago I was given the opportunity to move up in my retail career and i jumped right in when the chance was given to me again. I had been looking for a jobin Interior Design, but there is NOTHING in Utah :/ I had a part time job at a local "home decor" store, but felt that my abilities as a designer were not being used at all. I was working part time there and still full time manager in retail as well. When the opportunity of becoming a store manager for my retail company came about, after praying lots, i decided to accept the position and get my own store. Surprisingly it has been pretty easy (despite a few issues with some of my employees) to run my own sotre. I have so much to learn still about everything and i am happy i got the chance to move up. My long term goal for this company is to continue moving up the chain until I reach the position as a Visual Director, helping design new stores and being in charge of all the visual aspects of our company. Kenan is very excited for that future goal as well, because that means moving to Burbanks, Cali. bring on the sunshine!! Well, I have hours more of writing i could do right now, but if i dont stop now, i will be late for work!! :)

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sunday Night Dinner

Love Sunday dinner!! Every Sunday Kenan's mom makes us all a delicious dinner of pork roast, mashed potatoes, green beans, and rolls. Lisa (Sister-in-law), Jimmie (Kenans brother), Kenan, Kenan's mom, Kenan's grandma, and I all get together to hang out and have dinner. We usually watch a movie or tv. We watch Desperate Houswives when the season is going but for now we will have to find other things to do :)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Not much goin on...

The wedding was a blast!! Kenan did a wonderful job!!! I am so happy for Paul and Crystal!! Kenan says he can't blog this time cause he doesnt "have anything fun or interesting that happened" and that his life is "boring, just the way i like it." (all said in his sleepy voice.) Not much has happened since i last wrote... the AC at work is FINALLY fixed!!!!! It has been a month since we had working air! I just about ran out of clothes that werent too hot to wear! :) and not to metion running out of nerves to deal with idiotic people. "wow it's really hot in here. is it hot to you?" SERIOUSLY?! I could really freak out on you right now!!! I cant even tell you how many people made a dumb comment about it being "hot"; i got to 55 and stopped counting.

I went and hung out with my wonderful mom this evening!! I miss her so much! It sucks not seeing my family as much, because when we DO get the chance to see each other it's really good! For Senior Program class we went to the Huntsman Cancer Center. Our project for Senior is to design a cancer center. It was really neat to take a tour and learn what I can incorporate to make my design better! I loved the feeling there, because it didnt seem like i was in a real hospital. Just the feeling I want to design!

Well, can't think of much more to write about, I'm tired and work early! :) Here are a few pictures from the wedding!!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Not much going on in our life...

School starts monday.
Kenan will finally have a day off... the Open Cup is over YAY! (big golf tournament at his golf course)
I wont be working as much, because of my school schedule... it'll be kinda nice, until the paycheck comes :)
My older brother and his wonderful fiance will be getting married this friday August 28!!! Crazy! I am shooting their wedding... and i'm in their wedding... weird? ya! Kenan is going to use my camera to take pics during the ceremony... that's what they wanted though, kinda freaks me out cuz he doesnt really know how to use my camera..... oh well :)
Our bathroom is almost finished! Need to grout the tile and finish installing the shower head and other small things. Next will be the kitchen! i cant wait!!!! and then the living room. THEN it'll be FINISHED and i'll finally have a house... not sure how soon though :(

No pics... sorry :)

Friday, August 14, 2009

Just some pic's fron our wedding...