Sunday, August 23, 2009

Not much going on in our life...

School starts monday.
Kenan will finally have a day off... the Open Cup is over YAY! (big golf tournament at his golf course)
I wont be working as much, because of my school schedule... it'll be kinda nice, until the paycheck comes :)
My older brother and his wonderful fiance will be getting married this friday August 28!!! Crazy! I am shooting their wedding... and i'm in their wedding... weird? ya! Kenan is going to use my camera to take pics during the ceremony... that's what they wanted though, kinda freaks me out cuz he doesnt really know how to use my camera..... oh well :)
Our bathroom is almost finished! Need to grout the tile and finish installing the shower head and other small things. Next will be the kitchen! i cant wait!!!! and then the living room. THEN it'll be FINISHED and i'll finally have a house... not sure how soon though :(

No pics... sorry :)